Jim Wagner

Jim Wagner is an award winning designer and artist who was born in Memphis Tennessee but raised in Florida. Both his parents where creative, his father was a Nationally syndicated cartoonist and his mother a prolific interior designer and amateur architect. Jim earned a degree in Fine Art at the University of Florida. Upon graduation in the late 80’s he moved to the East Village NYC where he spent many years working at numerous NYC ad agencies as an advertising creative.

Growing up in “Old Florida”, countless trips to the Caribbean and a love of art and design are all reflected in his vibrant images of the tropics. When I say “Old Florida” I mean a pre building boom Florida. A place where the best food was served out of a shack or on the side of the road right off some weathered old mans bbq grill. The beaches had scrub palms behind them instead of high rise condos and and resorts. If there where hotels they where 50’s era cinder block painted bright pink or turquoise. The backyard you played in was a swamp filled with alligators.